Ever wondered, who are the freight forwarders or project cargo forwarder? Who are the companies providing such services? How to find your ideal cargo forwarding company? Rest assured, all your questions will be answered below:

Freight Forwarding Service:

Freight forwarding service providers are also known as freight forwarders are the firms that provide the core services of logistics and warehousing along with other smaller roles likes dismantling and reassembling of machinery, custom clearance, negotiation, cargo insurance etc. However, it is not at all necessary that all freight forwarders will provide all the services. So, instead of reaching out to any project forwarder based on past glory, it should be on the basis of your specific requirements from the service provider. Hence, opt for it based on your need and requirements. Some of the popular freight forwarders in the industry are:

How to decide your ideal freight forwarder?

There are mainly three parameters you need to look at while deciding ideal Project cargo forwarder or freight forwarder:

Case studies on the forwarder’s website:

Case studies are the most crucial method while deciding on the company’s credibility. Case studies give your insight into the past shipments that were successfully completed by the company. If you find some project or shipment, similar to yours, which they have already completed it will help you get even better insights about the company and its strengths as per your need.

Trustworthiness of freight forwarders:

People often confuse trustworthiness with the years of operations which is really a wrong notion, to begin with. Ideal parameters should be

·       Presence of the company:
  • Is the company an MNC or just an Indian company? Because you would want the company which is present in multiple countries apart from India
  • What all countries is it present in? Different countries require different legal requirements and documentation for setting business. So, presence in multiple countries means validation from the legislation of multiple countries.
  • Where is it Headquartered? This may not have a direct effect but it will surely be important in case something goes wrong. Because you would definitely want to rate the company headquartered in a country with good legislation higher than its competitors.

Gauging approachability of freight forwarding companies:

It can be understood as the ease with which you will be able to reach out to the company for any queries or grievances. The ideal parameters to check for this can be:

  • Traditional channels: It is a must for the company to have information such as office address, emails and contacts on the company’s website to even pass the cut-off metric.
  • Model channels: If the company account on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are active i.e. constantly content is being posted and the company is interacting on its posts then the company has a lot more approachability compared to traditional channels. Because the power of digital can never be discounted especially in these Covid times.
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