The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is taking proactive measures to address the growing demand for transits through the iconic waterway. In response to the current and anticipated water levels in Gatun Lake, the ACP has announced a significant increase in daily slots at the Panamax Locks.

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In an official statement released today, the ACP, through Advisory to Shipping No. A-08-2024, outlined adjustments to better accommodate the surge in transit requests. The move involves introducing two additional slots through auction for transit dates commencing on March 18. Furthermore, an extra slot will be available for vessels transiting from March 25.

The revised slot allocation is as follows:
Type of Vessel      Current Period      March 18 – 25
Neopanamax                    7                            7
Panamax                          17                           20
TOTAL                               24                           27

This strategic adjustment aims to enhance the likelihood of securing reservations for the majority of vessels seeking to transit the Canal.


Panama Canal specialists are closely monitoring the current water levels, emphasizing that the newly announced measures will persist until conditions necessitate alterations. Any changes will be promptly communicated to ensure transparency and operational clarity.


Highlighting Panama’s strategic geographic location, the statement emphasizes the nation’s commitment to serving as the logistics hub of the Americas. The Panama Canal has consistently played a pivotal role in global maritime commerce, and these adjustments underscore its dedication to meeting evolving industry needs.

“We are aware of our responsibilities as the logistics hub of the Americas. The Panama Canal will continue to uphold its role, not merely as a path between seas but as a bridge to a sustainable future, navigating through change with steadfast resolve,” stated a representative from the Panama Canal Authority.


The commitment to efficiency and responsiveness remains at the forefront of the Panama Canal’s agenda. The introduction of additional slots is a tangible demonstration of this commitment, reinforcing the Canal’s status as a premier global trade route. These adjustments align with the Canal’s ongoing efforts to adapt to industry changes and uphold its crucial role in facilitating international maritime trade.

Panama Canal Authority Streamlines Operations to Meet Rising Demand
The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is taking decisive action to ensure the smooth flow of maritime traffic through this vital waterway.

Source:Canal De Panama

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