Project Cargo from Singapore to Mumbai, India in 10 days.

Mobilisation of passenger Ferry vessel

Ferry Vessel Name : Chawan

Dimensions: 31.72(L) x 8.40(W) x 5.32(H) in Meters

Weight : 110.00 metric tons


Vessel Name : Ubin

Dimensions: 33.00 (L) x 7.50 (W) x 5.60 (H) in Meters

Weight : 115.00 metric tons

Case studies

Project Kick-off

Our projects engineering division has successfully checked & verified all the checklist to understand the feasibility of loading this heavy-lift on a container ship, along with systemic data driven approach to ensure the safety of life’s at sea, our valuable cargo, vessel & port gantry safety standards. A clear road map has been developed and necessary procedures has been initiated.

Bruhat scope

Mobilization of Vessel from Shipper Yard to Jurong Port
Ocean Freight
Divers arrangement
Stevedoring Arrangement
Export & Import Custom Clearance
Water discharge approval both ends
Final mobilization of vessel to destination
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