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Foldable containers | Learn everything about foldable containers

In the dynamic world of project cargo logistics, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Introducing foldable containers—an innovative solution designed to revolutionize the way we handle oversized, heavy, and complex cargo. What are foldable containers?...

Panama Canal Authority Update!

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is taking proactive measures to address the growing demand for transits through the iconic waterway. In response to the current and anticipated water levels in Gatun Lake, the ACP has announced a...

Guide to Risk Management for Project Cargo Transportation

Guide to Risk Management for Project Cargo Transportation

Guide to Risk Management for Project Cargo Transportation Project cargo - colossal transformers, sprawling pipelines, towering wind turbines - these behemoths demand meticulous planning and expert handling. While the rewards of successful delivery are significant, the...

What are incoterms| how does it work

Even though it’s hard for non-industrial people to understand incoterms, it’s still important to know the basics. The Learn Logistics series will help you understand concepts better by Sharing you fundamentals.


Large foreign ships carrying container cargoes are avoiding congested Indian ports due to difficulties in loading and unloading goods, which is likely to affect the flow of material across sectors, said, industry executives. The blockage is on the grounds that...

Helideck removal assistance

Helideck removal assistance

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