Loading port is Port Klang & Discharge port is Mundra.

Movement of De-oxidizer from Malaysia – India

It’s a single unit of De-oxidizer, survey dimension calculation is estimated as 75ft length (22.86m), 16ft width (4.87m) & 16ft height (4.87m), with a weight of 65,000 Kgs.

Project Scope

Consignee Door, as incoterm is DDU.

Mode of Shipment

Containerized Breakbulk (Athwart Loading) – 10 Flatbeds

Case studies

Project Kick-off

Our projects engineering division has successfully checked & verified all the checklist to understand the feasibility of loading this heavy-lift on a container ship, along with a systemic data-driven approach to ensure the safety of life’s at sea, our valuable cargo, vessel & port gantry safety standards. A clear road map has been developed, and necessary procedures have been initiated.

Operation Execution

Collecting the cargo from the shipper factory on a special low-boy trailer with a police escort, post road survey & delivered the cargo to port. Delivering cargo in low-bed alongside the month vessel on the wharf.

Onboarding highly professional & trained stevedoring team with necessary securing & safety equipment’s.

Onboarding stevedores team, providing sufficient dunnage and lashing material to stuff the cargo on a platform.

Successfully completing athwart loading.

Offered highly customized & cost-effective solution to our customer.

Post successful completion of unloading & import clearance procedures, a direct delivery was arranged to pick-up the cargo & deliver to the consignee's warehouse.

Also a full coverage insurance had been arranged during this door-door transportation.

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